Sadaaki Hirai
Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Hiring Manager
info [at] sadah.dev
Taking photograph, Reading books, Visiting Art museums

In November 2018, I joined Mercari Inc. and was responsible for the entire Mobile team as an Engineering Manager of managers. Currently, I am in charge of hiring engineers as the head of engineer recruitment.

Previously, I worked at Goodpatch as CTO, where I was in charge of creating an engineering organization, developing an engineering evaluation system, improving the environment, and hiring engineers. I also promoted product development as a VP of Product.

Now, I am interested in creating engineering organizations that can scale, and in product development.

The following is the main content of our work to date.

  • Building engineering organizations
  • Development and operation of an engineer evaluation system
  • Hiring engineers
  • Project Management
  • Introduction of a company-wide evaluation system
  • OKR / 1on1 operation
  • Direct management of a team of about 20 people
  • People management of engineers, designers, product managers, and foreign members.
  • Product Development (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Java)


July 2019 -

Mercari, Inc. / Mercari JP Engineer Hiring Manager

I’m in charge of engineer recruitment for Mercari JP, developing strategies for new graduate and mid-career recruitment and improving the selection process.

November 2018 - June 2019

Mercari, Inc. / Engineering Manager of Mobile Department

As an Engineering Manager for the entire Mercari JP Mobile, I worked on people management and mobile development process improvements.

January 2015 - October 2018

Goodpatch, Inc. Chief Technology Officer

Immediately after joining Goodpatch, I was an engineer leader for the prototyping tool Prott, where I worked on project management, team building, programming (Ruby/Rails/JavaScript), and performance tuning.

After assuming the position of CTO, I created the engineering organization, formulated the engineering evaluation system, developed the environment, and hired engineers. In addition, as Vice President of Product, I promoted product development and worked to achieve business goals.

August 2012 - December 2014

Kakaku.com, Inc / Tabelog Engineer

I worked as an engineer for a restaurant search service called Tabelog, where I developed an Internet reservation service. I coded programming with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript and developed Internet services.

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